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Every now and then, phenomenal photos come about completely by accident. 
Photographer Kimmo Kuloveski was getting ready to take some dazzling New Year’s Eve photos when the fireworks unexpectedly exploded on the ground.
Firework Accident Produces Stunning Photo
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Purple and Blue Closed Brain Coral
Photograph by Tyler Fox
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A diver has a very personal moment of dejection at the bottom of the pool during the 2012 CCCA Swimming and Diving State Championships at East Los Angeles College Swim Stadium on Thursday, April 26, 2012 in Monterey Park, CA. (Photo by Suzanne Tylander © 2012) This particular photo represents an emotional moment rarely caught underwater. This particular diver was expected to win the entire event. The diver knew as soon as he hit the water his form was flawed and that he might have just lost it all. I was fortunate enough to witness this moment as it was unfolding underwater. I captured the sequence of emotion just a split second after he hit the water and began to sink to the bottom with a sense of defeat written in his body language This was the image I chose from the series. I have felt this emotion and disappointment before as many athletes do. My chance to capture it underwater was rare but beautiful. It is a moment no competitive athlete wants to relive but something important that many of us can relate to. It is raw and human and real.

this post is deep… no pun intended
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